Module 1 - Reproductive Immunology - Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy - Overview

/ Module 1 - Reproductive Immunology - Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy - Overview

Reproductive Immunology - Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy

Why reproductive immunology?

ScreenshotAs little as eight years ago, I still believed that there was such a thing as "unexplained infertility". But, as always, my clients are my biggest teachers. I have come to believe there are six building blocks to good fertility:

  1. Mental health
  2. Metabolic health
  3. Hormonal health
  4. Environmental health
  5. Physical health (i.e. regular exercise)
  6. Epigenetic health

But, another factor was missing from this list: immunological health. This building block is tied up with all of the other elements, which are both influencing and being influenced by the immune system.

I had a client who had taken care of the first six elements to the best of her ability, but yet could not conceive - not even with a donor egg, which is extremely unusual. Her case forced me to think outside the box, to consider and explore areas in which I hadn't previously worked.

I came across Dr Alan Beer's book Is your body baby friendly' and went to speak to a consultant I found who worked with this information. This was transformative for my client (who went on to conceive two children naturally), my wider practice, and I began a journey down a rabbit hole from which I still haven't quite emerged!

This course is the outcome of my journey; my deep-dive into the world of the immune system and the systemic effect its function has on the body.

I believe that understanding the immune system gives us a lens with which you reconsider the whole body and its fertility journey, and the ability to treat it in a way that can change the outcome for our clients when nothing else seems to be working.  


This is an Advanced Level Course

Please note that this is an Advanced Level Course and may not be suitable for less-experienced practitioners.


What is actually in the course?

Each module goes through a biomedical and TCM explanation of the topic, plus:

Topic 1: The immune system

  • Interpreting immunological testing
  • Th1 versus Th2 dominance

Topic 2: Western medical treatments for immunological imbalance

  • Autoimmunity and Recurrent Miscarriage
  • Western Medical testing for recurrent miscarriage

Topic 3: Pre-eclampsia

  • Connection to recurrent miscarriage


User feedback: "I am totally absorbed"


  Topic 4: Diet and autoimmunity

  • Diet and the immune system
  • The role of Glutathione

Topic 5: Thinking outside the box

  • The role of fear in the treatment room
  • Classic versus my adaptive Traditional Chinese Medicine approach

Topic 6: Thyroid disorders and autoimmunity

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • The role of deiodinases

Topic 7: Endometriosis and reproductive immunology

  • An exploration of the Aetiology of Endometriosis and Pain
  • Western medication for Endometriosis


User feedback:"Content is way beyond my expectations."


  Topic 8: Adjunctive Diseases

  • Chocolate cysts
  • Asherman’s Syndrome
  • Adenomyosis

Topic 9: A brief word about Medical Mushrooms.

  • Reishi
  • Mesima
  • Cordyceps
  • Coriolus


User feedback: "I believe Naava is an invaluable resource and believe this course will make her knowledge accessible to other practitioners."


CPD/CEU Points

This course has been awarded CPD/CEU points from the following accreditation bodies:

  • NCCAOM: 6.5 points
  • Florida Board of Acupuncture: 5 points
  • California Board of Acupuncture: 5 points
  • AACMA: 5 points
  • ATMS: 5 points
  • New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority: 5 points